Audible LapCeiver


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View lap times on a large LCD display or hear them audibly using a separate earpiece (purchased separately). The LapCeiver A.L.T. has two different modes of operation. In transponder mode, the unit works with the track’s timing system and a LapCeiver transmitter, allowing up to five transponders into the LapCeiver A.L.T., one in each of the five memory banks. The IR (Infra-Red) mode uses an IR beacon transmitter that is set-up across the track, while an IR detector is mounted to the car. Once the car passes through the beams, the timing data comes up on the display.

IR Beacon Transmitter Sold Separately

  • Lap Time Receiver
  • LAPceiver A.L.T.
  • LCD Screen
  • Audible Lap Times
  • Holster / Headphone Splitter / IR Detector / USB Cord
  • Plastic
  • Yellow
  • Kit

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