K1 RaceGear Challenger SFI Nomex Suede Racing Shoes


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The newest addition to our line of products for 2021 is the K1 Challenger SFI 3.3/5 Nomex Shoe. This shoe is designed to meet the rigorous demands of the motorsports industry. With the intentions of keeping this shoe budget friendly all the while maintaining a lightweight and ergonomically designed composition, the shoe is the perfect fit for any racecar driver. Precise laser cut vent holes increase the breathability and comfort of the shoe allowing the driver to focus on winning their race. One other new feature is our internal comfort lace up system requiring less space and lowering the bulk on the top of the foot thus increasing comfort. With the level of research and development in this shoe, we 100% believe you will not be disappointed in the quality you deserve.

  • Complies with SFI 3.3/5 homologation standards
  • Constructed of High-End Suede for Durability
  • Soft Knit Nomex inner lining for comfort and fire protection
  • Pressure Sensitive molded soles for shock absorption and maximum grip.
  • Internal Comfort Shoe Lace System
  • Laser cut ventilation holes
  • Available in sizes 6-14 US

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