K1 RaceGear Pro Series Custom 2-Layer SFI-3.2A/5 Suit By KND


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We are the largest K1 RaceGear Custom Suit dealer in the US. If you have any questions about our custom suits, please feel free to contact us directly. K1 RaceGear custom suits are the softest, most comfortable racing suit you’ll ever wear. We invite you to compare their feel, quality and price to ANY of our competitors to find out for yourself. After doing that, it will be easy to see why K1 RaceGear is the fastest growing custom suit brand in the USA and why so many professional drivers are making the switch to K1 RaceGear.

The K1 RaceGear Pro Series custom 2-layer suit is K1’s top-of-the-line premier suit that is worn by professional racers such as Kyle Larson, Chase Briscoe, Matt Crafton, Nick Hoffman, Brian Brown, Lance Dewease, Carson Macedo and many, many more. It is custom tailored to fit the driver and full of options that are included in the base price. This suit has a TPP Rating of 21.60 and is SFI 3.2A/5 certified.

Custom Suit Standard Options (Included)

  • Exterior is made with K1’s premier, lightweight, shiny 100% Nomex 150 GSM material imported from France
  • Interior is a premium 100% knit Nomex 180 GSM liner
  • Total weight is only 330 GSM
  • Unlimited striping and color choices… ALL colors available including fluorescent colors. (Carbon Fiber material is extra)
  • Unlimited embroidery
  • Choice of 3 collar options
  • 360 degree arm gussets
  • Choice of lower back stretch panel styles
  • Choice of front pockets or not
  • Choice of belt or not
  • Small, diamond-shaped crotch stretch panel
  • Boot cuffs
  • Choice of diagonal or box stitching
  • Design fee included

Custom Suit Additional Options (Extra)

  • Extra layer, making it a 3-layer +$100.00
  • Safety-X Inner Lining +$100.00 (adds 7.50 to the TPP Rating)
  • 140 GSM Lightweight Honeycomb Liner +$100.00
  • Upper Thigh/Knee Stretch Panel +$90.00
  • Sewn In D-Rings For Arm Restraints +$50.00
  • Knit Nomex Side Stretch Panels +$50.00
  • Arm Restraint Straps +$25.00
  • “RACEceiver” Radio Inner Pocket +$25.00
  • Foot Stirrups +$25.00
  • Carbon Fiber material +$100.00
  • Molecule Protector Treatment +$40

Please call Kevin Nouse at KND Safety during normal business hours at 717-793-3611 to place an order for all custom items. 50% deposit is required when ordering a custom item. Please download the measurement form from the picture gallery above and watch this video to properly take measurements.

The team at KND Safety look forward to working with you!

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